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Air-Gap Flux Probe Technology for Detecting Rotor Winding Shorted Turns

The Data acquisition & Analysis Program

Generatortech provides a Windows based program that combines data acquisition with the display and analysis of rotor shorted turns. The system uses a high-speed 32-bit data acquisition board to record the flux probe waveforms. The program provides an oscilloscope-like display while recording the data. The waveform can be analyzed immediately with Generatortech's software. The program automatically identifies and labels the waveform features and measures the appropriate values to provide estimates of turn shorts.

Below is the raw data from a flux probe.


raw data graph



Generatortech's Acquisition and Analysis Program has been designed to quickly and easily acquire and save data from flux probes. Ease of use was the most important guiding principle behind the design of the program. Since data collection for shorted-turn detection may be separated by as much as six months for a single generator, the program was designed to minimize the need for the user to relearn the program by keeping the interface as simple as possible. The program is extremely intuative for selecting settings, opening and saving data files, and acquiring and analyzing data.

In addition, all user settings are saved when exiting the program and are reloaded when the program is restarted. Therefore, after the initial setup, the process of acquiring and saving data is reduced to a few simple steps. Acquiring and saving data for each load point is quick and easy.

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