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Air-Gap Flux Probe Technology for Detecting Rotor Winding Shorted Turns

Generatortech Products

Air-gap Flux Probes

Custom designed and crafted permanent and temporary flux probes.

Analysis Systems

Generatortech Acquisition & Analysis Systems allows your staff to test and/or analyze your generator's field windings.

Model 9610 Portable Data Acquisition & Analysis System. It is available with or without a laptop computer. The portable system can be used to test any of your generators. Analysis can be done in-house or data can be sent to Generatortech for analysis. 

Model G50 Remote Data Analysis System. Up to four generators are permanently connected to the system and monitored continuously. The G50 system allows off-site monitoring via secure VPN Internet connectivity.

Model G50 Remote Data Analysis System with Generatortech monitoring option. Generatortech will provide regular testing and shorted turn analysis reporting using a VPN Internet connection to your G50.


Generatortech Services

Installation and On-Site Testing

Generatortech installs permanent and temporary flux probes and G50 permanent monitoring systems

Generatortech engineering personnel perform on-site testing and analysis with formal reporting.

Generatortech testing equipment can be rented for data acquisition by plant personnel. Data is sent to Generatortech for analysis and formal reports.


Generatortech Air-gap Flux Probe and Shorted Turn training classes and symposiums can be scheduled for staff, engineers and management.

Generatortech staff are always available for phone consultations.

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