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Air-Gap Flux Probe Technology for Detecting Rotor Winding Shorted Turns

Air-Gap Flux Probes

Permanent Air-Gap Flux Probes are custom designed and fabricated for each application. The correct flux probe dimensional and sensitivity parameters are essential for obtaining signals that can be used for analysis.

Flux probes

A variety of available models and construction materials are used to design and build the optimum flux probe for each generator.

Generatortech flux probe materials are impervious to the normally harsh environment within the generator and should last for the life of the stator. 




Temporary Air-Gap Flux Probes are available for hydrogen and air cooled machines.

Temporary probes are inserted through a stator ventilation slot into the air gap.

While permanent probes must be assembled while the rotor is removed from the stator core. There may be cases where critical shorted-turn conditions are experienced before a planned outage.

On many generators, it is possible to utilize a temporary probe. The data from this probe will provide the same definitive test results, thus allowing you to determine whether corrective action should be performed at the next outage. Generatortech can help you evaluate the feasibility of installing the temporary test set-up.

Temporary Probe
















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