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Air-Gap Flux Probe Technology for Detecting Rotor Winding Shorted Turns

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Generatortech acquire data from other than Generatortech flux probes?

My company bought the Generatortech Analysis System many years ago. Recently, I have inherited responsibilty for the annual testing of our generators. Can I call for help?
Generatortech will be happy to answer your questions about testing, installation or to advise regarding data analysis. Contact Us via phone or email.

Do we have to buy a Generatortech Analysis Package in order to test our generators?
We have two options for our customers who have not purchased a Generatortech Analysis Package. 1.) You can rent a Generatortech Portable Analysis system, capture data files according to our testing protocol, return the equipment and we will analyze your data and prepare a report. 2.) Generatortech personnel will travel to your site, acquire test data and provide you with a formal report.

We bought the Generatortech Analysis Package so we can test our machines. Will Generatortech still do the analysis?
Yes, Generatortech can be contracted for data analysis and formal reports.

What is the advantage of the G50 Monitoring System?
With the G50 your generator’s flux probe is permanently connected to a server which can be accessed via Internet or your company intranet using a secure VPN connection. The G50 allows test data to be acquired automatically and/or manually. So, you no longer need to travel to distant power stations for testing. Also, Generatortech can be contracted to be responsible for your regularly scheduled testing and analysis via the secure VPN connection.

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